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Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Computer

Computers are part of today's sophisticated technology is needed to facilitate the work of our existence as human beings all. Readers will remember all of all what is a computer. Computers are very helpful if we could use it as well, as to do the work, finish work, and others. However, sometimes a computer can be damaged by anything happens to it, such as improper use by users, and much more

How to Take Care of Computer 

Not to forget is also a very common problem and familiar, such as computers that often hangs, shutdown, slow performance, and so forth. Of course, if broken we will be harmed, then it is better to prevent than to fix, right ?. Then how to treat the computer so that our computers are not easily damaged or not as susceptible to the virus and you can use in the long term.

Quiet, on this occasion will share tutorial how to care for a good computer and the computer properly so that we do not easily damaged. Right away, here are tips on caring for your computer.

How to Take Care of Computer  

1. Protect computers with firewalls. Firewalls are able to create a protective wall between your computer and the Internet, a firewall is divided into 2 forms, a software firewall running on a personal computer and hardware firewalls that protect a number of computers at the same time. Why use a firewall? Yes, this firewall serves to filter out unauthorized files or types of malicious data from the internet, if you want to wear it, you can find them at computer stores.

2. Stay away from the computer from liquids, because the liquid is very sensitive at all to the computer. Such as oil, water and other liquids. If the liquid to touch the computer tools could happen automatically short-circuit all the devices that are in the computer will be damaged.

3. Avoid computer from the fire, the 3rd point is clear we must do. Moreover, the name of fire if the fire already consuming goods elekronika then rest for kita.jadi let's just ash away from the object.

4. Keep away from objects that are magnetic, because it will destroy our hard drives. Moreover, the price of hard drives is now quite expensive. Better prevent or treat is not it? Instead of fixing.

5. Do not use the computer for too long because the longer we use it, then the performance of the computer will become weaker. And get used to restart the computer after use of more than 10 hours so that the programs that exist within the computer to work normally.

6. Turn off your computer with the correct procedure, namely: Click Start and then shutdown or restart if you just want to restart it.

7. Use antivirus as a step to prevent the computer from dangerous viruses. It is advisable to use Antivirus with reliable quality and quality.

8. Wash junk files contained on the computer. How to clean your computer of junk files? The following are the steps: Click the Windows logo -> Type Run in the search field -> Type cleanmgr then OK, then you just select the files you want to delete. Alternatively, you can use CCleaner, cleaning application file unused very good.

How, is not how to care for a computer or a PC that is not easily damaged? Above steps only need to habituation that we practice it gets easier. By doing various tips above, you are at least taking care of the computer effectively. Such information Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Computer. May be useful. See also How to Install RAM Memory True

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  1. Good and simple ways to take care of your computer. Too many computers are broken through simple lack of care and understanding. I've found this article [http://www.instructables.com/id/GEEK-TO-YOU-How-to-take-care-of-your-computer/ which was very useful explaining how to undertake a simple clean up of your computer or laptop.

    Dust ruins too many laptops and if more people used compressed air this would not happen

  2. A responsible PC user is a user who knows when and how to care for a computer before something bad happens. All this tips are take away for any user. Be sure to equipped it with an efficient UPS and make work hassle-free.


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