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Adding Applications Blackberry with Computer

Here I will explain add applications on the Blackberry using the computer, could you directly add applications directly through Blackberry Smartphone but with BIS package Full Service records in the active state. Moreover, the Blackberry users with the latest version has a larger RAM than the old OS version 5, would want a complete application and uptodate.

Adding Applications Blackberry with computer 
Here I will explain how to add an application to the computer.

Log in page to the Sign-In appworld.blackberry.com enter your user name (email is registered to Blackberry ID) and password, it looks like this.

Connect your usb data cable to the computer and to your Blackberry Smartphone. Later you will be prompted to download the plug-ins Blackberry World and this only once. then you just download the application only. Install and restart your computer to allow plug-ins to work properly.

Adding Applications Blackberry with computer 

You just choose the applications that will be downloaded in Blackberry via computer, gaming apps I demonstrated below.

Select the appropriate arrow and Start Synchronization, and wait a few moments the application will be installed on the home page of your Smartphone.

Adding Applications Blackberry with computer
Good luck and hopefully useful for you. See also How to Check Damage Hardware Or Software Blackberry

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