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Damage Laptop DVD And How to Fix

Damage DVD Laptop DVD drive in this case there is one of the most common problems encountered. His case several kinds, including for example the DVD cover would not be out of place when pressing the Eject button. There may be several reasons why, one of which is that the drive is not exactly in position. Screws are either loose or missing. In this case, try removing and reinstalling the DVD drive to the right. Let's do it in a way this laptop servicing.

Laptop DVD And How to Fix

If the cover of the DVD does not come out even when the drive is installed correctly, turn off the laptop and use the emergency pinhole on the front cover. Use iron prepared from pebrik to open, according the manual instructions laptops respectively. See the following figure

Damage Laptop DVD does not come out in the form of DVD is that there is a broken DVD disc stuck inside. Insert a paper clip through the pinhole in the front of the DVD. Then, when the DVD tray goes halfway, fractional release DVD. If the problem does not get out because the DVD cover ejector mechanism, may not be practical to do repairs yourself.

One DVD not readable by DVD Player
Damage to other Laptops DVD is if the DVD movie does not play in a DVD player of your laptop, it could be due to dirt or smudges on the disc. Clean the DVD with a good fiber cloth, and then check the scratches and surface build-up. If cleaning does not work, check if the drive can read other CDs or DVDs. Test using another laptop DVD is still good. If it still does not work, it means the problem is not the disc but the DVD drive can be damaged and may need to be replaced.

If the DVD is not playing, the DVD player may need a CODEC (Coder / Decoder). There are several available online for download renew your CODEC.

DVD Drive Not Recognized BIOS
On rare occasions, the damage Laptop DVD you will see hardware failures during boot. If this happens, the error message "DVD Drive Failure", or the drive disappears from the CMOS settings in the BIOS. This can be caused by a failure of the drive electronics, which is why the DVD drive stops communicating. You can uninstall and reinstall the DVD drivers or software and then test the connection. If it still does not recognize the DVD drive, you can remove and reinstall the DVD drive and see if fixing the problem. If the problem persists, it may be time to replace the DVD drive with a new one.

Troubleshoot a DVD Drive Recognized as a CD Drive Windows
Damage DVD Laptop rare that ever happens on a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 system suddenly begin to treat DVD-ROM drive as a mere CD-ROM drive. It could play and burn CDs, but not with DVD. This often occurs when the update is done. My guess is that either a Windows update or a program (or removed) have damaged newly installed Windows Registry, hence the OS thinking you've got CD drives while other programs see DVD drives. The solution is to do a system restore first and if that does not do repair windows.

DVD / RW Can not Read Anything
Damage to other Laptops DVD is a DVD / RW does not read CD, DVD or data discs. Initially normal, until when suddenly the DVD / RW stopped working for reasons unknown. Sometimes in the device manager said no problem, reinstalled to allow the pc to find it but to no avail. If the DVD you show up in device manager, and reports no problems, but can not read the disk, the problem is simple. Here is what you do ...

  1. Open Cover DVD Rom on your laptop.
  2. With extreme caution please remove dust from the area around the laser head with a cue tip or a soft microfibre cloth, like the kind used to clean the monitor or the lens. Do it with SOFT! And if you scratch the lens means having to buy a new DVD drive.  
  3. Once the area is clean, use a small blunt object such as a paper clip or the tip of a plastic pen with a soft, but firm move transportation away from the shaft center to the outside. Clean and dirt by using the above method. If you find something that is sticky use a mixture of 50% alcohol and distilled water to help remove sticky dirt.  
  4. After making sure everything is cleaned up, please test again.

Similarly Damage Laptop DVD and how to solve it, I hope you do not ever experiencing this.
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