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Functions and How To Reset and Hard Reset

Some of the reasons, among others, If your mobile phone is sometimes slow response or the current term "is rather slow", probably a good idea to consider the following options to perform reset or hard reset is done whenever possible.
Functions and How To Reset and Hard Reset

Aims to reset all settings back to the settings can HP Original / HP early as when the plant output.

While the Hard Reset furthermore intended that all HP data system can be returned to the factory early as Hp output. So do not forget to back up your mobile phone data before Hard Reset, because the data in addition to the default initial HP factory will be removed as the data in the phonebook Telephone Number, applications, etc. Hard Reset can also me-Refresh performance HP because junk files that may be there in your phone will be deleted.

So how do I do a Reset and Hard Reset?

usually each brand HP is no menu to reset / return to the original settings. For the code (if still standard / never replaced) can be tried for example: 12345 or 0000 or 00000 or other standards-compliant code MGK each brand phone.

Hard Reset:
Ways for each brand / type usually differ, among other things:

Symbian OS Series 60 eg: Nokia 3650, 6600, Siemens SX1:
- Remove the MMC, battery condition should be full / at least there is still 70%,
- Type * # 7370 # and enter the code 12345 (if it has not been changed)
- The other way (for Nokia 6600 and later versions): toggles HP, loose mmc, install the battery and press the 3 key, the * key and the call button (green color) simultaneously, then press the power button. Repeat this step until the formatting bar appears on the screen Hp and wait until it is finished.

Symbian OS Series 80 eg: Communicator 9300, 9500
- Remove and replace battery
- When the Nokia logo appears on the screen then immediately press and hold down the Ctrl key, the Shift key and the F key simultaneously.
- Repeat steps until they will appear consent to format HP.
- If the current battery is removed and reattach the screen turns dark / black appear then press the power button to flip condition is still open and doing the formatting,
- After formatting is complete, the HP will restart automatically.

Motorola MPX2000:
- Press and hold the blue action button and the power button simultaneously rather long to perform a reset confirmation on the screen and select the reset option.

HTC Apache, Verizon XV6700:
- Press & Hold two softkey buttons (emblem -) and press the reset button once also to appear on the confirmation screen. Press Y to agree.

If the friend is no info hard reset code for other models, please add also.

Similarly, from me about Functions and How To Reset and Hard Reset. hope helpful. See also How to Check Damage Hardware Or Software Blackberry

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