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Often Laptop Shutdown Causes and How to Overcome It

What not to wear when we again yes-delicious delicious task or playing games, eh..laptop die alone. In the heart wondering why this laptop.?, Though not like this the other day, that's what I felt when the laptop is turned off. Moreover, we as user which still lay still do not understand the diagnosis  laptop or computer with problems must be very confused in the face of a variety of problems that often arise in the use of a laptop or computer
Often Laptop Shutdown Causes and How to Overcome It 

But do not worry mate, there are some solutions that I get when the laptop is turned off, the following are several causes of laptop turns itself off.

1. RAM Problem

Penyebab Laptop Sering Mati Sendiri dan Cara Mengatasinya
Ram is a fairly important position in a computer / laptop that is a temporary storage of data, if its RAM problem then the program will not run as it should. Sometimes the problem is different every laptop, the laptop may cause the death of the problem is in the RAM. If my friend know about the depths of the laptop, try to disassemble the laptop innards then take it the RAM, its RAM is clean copper with Eraser. Enough with clean the copper slowly with eraser, see the difference, copper ram would be cleaner. Then plug it in again and run, hopefully the laptop does not die alone anymore.

2. Much Dirt and Dust in the Laptop

penyebab laptop mati sendiri
This problem is very trivial but fatal in my friend laptop, the laptop itself can die due to overheating. If my friend can disassemble the laptop / computer, the laptop clean with a brush, especially in parts of the fan and air exhaust channel. Typically, laptop buddy turns itself problematic due to blockage of the air passages and fan in, so it is not working properly.

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3. Processor Dry Pasta
mengatasi masalah laptop tiba tiba mati 
This is what often happens when a long old pal laptop, the processor will be dry pasta, as a result of heat on the processor are not channeled to final disposal and the laptop will die alone. The solution, if my friend knew the place where the location of the processor, open place, then apply evenly Pasta Processor. If my friend does not know where, do not open a place of such processors. Prices are relatively cheap pasta processor, can be obtained at the nearest computer store.

4. Operating System Problem

For this one need not worry mate, just re-install the laptop mate with the new operating system, adjust well to the specifications of the laptop mate. It could be there is a program crashes, frequent restart the laptop. but in addition to re-install alternative solution with no need repair so long in restoring the Operating System that can be reused more quickly. 

5. Mainboard Damaged
If the problem is difficult to overcome, if the first cause up to four already done and there is no solution, then try to take my friend to a handyman service to check back. Mainboard usually problematic due to the long life of the laptop and the laptop is often worn constantly. Replace the mainboard and buy a new laptop price is not too far away, my friend had to think about it again to replace the hardware on this one.

6. Other Issues Frequently
And there are many more causes of laptops and computers often turns itself are still frequently encountered by users of laptops and computers.
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Often Laptop Shutdown Causes and How to Overcome It 

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