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Overcoming Loss In Ink Cartridges Canon Printer

OK this time I will share experiences and interesting tips about technology. Technology here I mean the use of infusion on printer ink. Incidentally a few months ago I bought a new printer Canon iP2770 printer that uses ink infusion of Acaciana. With an affordable price considerations and many users are satisfied with this printer. But I've just experienced the most feared of the infuser (fans infusion printer. Hehe) the breakdown of printer ink in the IV because there is an air cavity either long or dropped - dropped out of the hose. Wow at first I was shocked as hell, but finally see the solution as well. Perhaps the cause is different - different to the infuser, but this is about - about why I think the printer can crashed:
  • Not knowing the workings, usage, and printer maintenance infusion 

  • Rarely use the printer, the printer does not work until the days and - days 

  • Not perform regular maintenance 

  • Handling without damage equipped science: p (I too have experienced previous events points are ridiculous about this) 
OK immediately wrote to the details of the problems that I face. My printer according to specifications above are experiencing trouble with yellow ink drip hose is the air contained in the interval of about ± 15cm from the cartridge. But for the other hose normally no air at all. I've many cleaning and deep cleaning - time yellow ink does not move, finally after many - times used to test the color yellow ink finally runs out aka not remove the color at all. Though I've tried to open or close air holes in the tank when the ink dry. Out  moment are, immediately wrote open google and facebook to search information, and this is the way of handling the results of a poll of friends - my friend's case I faced:
  • Brought to a service or where the printer once purchased
  • Using the facilities of the printer itself by using dry or deep cleaning
  • Doing surgery on the printer hardware (to be discussed in more detail below ..)
 Weits but wait a minute, if not severe - very severe we can handle himself really. May be tried alone, I'll be able to improve the experience. hehe .. But also yes as level problems encountered cases. To facilitate handling the infusion printer problem I have grouped into three levels of difficulty, namely easy, medium, and hard, but before we go there let siapin tool - what materials tool ready for everything. Here it is a tool that needs to be prepared:
  • Dry Tissue Paper
  • HVS paper empty
  • Clips Paperclips
  • Ink + needle injections
  • UHU Glue or night
  • Reserves Ink and Ink Bottle
Yup that he tools - tools needed for handling problems in the infusion systemready ?? Here it problem categories according to the degree of difficulty:
Category Easy

  • Indications and infusion conditions: Results Print unclear or break up - break up, certain colors fade, the results look skewed or not connect, the condition of the ink infusion of normal hose there is no air or air cavities at intervals along the 1-4 cm of cartridges.
  • Handling: do a test print first, and see the result if it is better not to do service, if the result is less than perfect do light cleaning, then test print again, if the results are still not good enough to do deep cleaning, then do testprint again.
  • Infusion hose condition: in general the ink will be sucked into the cartridges if done dry, under normal conditions there is no air in the hose along, but if there was originally supposed to air is back to normal if dicleaning.

If after step - step over the appropriate handling still can not ink infusion and normal conditions, there may be a problem with his cartridge or no damage, that's my advice for mending wrote to a handyman service or warranty suppose there still go home alone to shop the new exchange. hehehe ..

Category Medium

  • Indications and infusion conditions: print result can be the same as the category of easy, even a certain color can not go out at all, the condition of the air cavity IV tubes contained more than 5 cm of cartridges or there is a small air cavity - small on the IV.
  • Handling: do not forget the previous first steps - steps like Category Easy handling, if still not able to prepare the next step of ink injections (without the needle) and then open the lid the tube is a small tube in the color ink is problematic. Put the tip of the injection tube into the hole so that the vacuum conditions. For the first hose clamp securing the paper clip. Then open the cartridges and remove the IV that is problematic and place tissue at the end of the hose, opened paper clip, then slowly - slowly pressed so that the cavity of the injection of the IV lost. After that, input again the IV into the cartridges.
  • Hose condition infusion: infusion that was hollow will be pushed out by the pressure of the injection, so that the hose will be normal again. Keep in mind when re-inserting the cartridges make sure the hose is normal there is no cavity.

If the result of no change or stay the same and do not want to bother, just bring solutions to a handyman service like my suggestion in the beginning, but if the spirit is still loading - unloading handling yuk entry level Hard condition :D

Category Hard

  • Indications and infusion conditions: print result can be the same as Category Medium or worse, even for a few colors at once can not get out at all.
  • Handling procedures: if it is done like handling Category Medium plus try this, when the IV on the first input bit revoked cartridges ink cartridges into the hole with ink injections (with a syringe). After that re-enter the IV that is normal to the hole around the cartridges then please given night or UHU glue to vacuum conditions.
  • Conditions drip hose: hose condition is almost the same as the Medium category, but interrupted - between cartridges may no air cavity that needs to be returned to the vacuum conditions. By using night or glue will hinder the incoming air into the cartridge.

So many of my article about Overcoming Loss In Ink Cartridges Canon Printer and
may be useful!
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  1. I wish I was more handy when it came to repairs like you. If my printer were to stop working I wouldn't know what to do with it at all. This article has some good ideas to help you diagnose what could be going on though. Hopefully that will help me should I run into one of these problems myself.


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