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Tips and Tricks Buy Smartphone BlackBerry

Market demand to trigger proliferation handhled Blackberry blackberry sales not through official channels. Blackberry sales channel is through the appropriate local carrier, then the mobile operators in collaboration with a third party as an authorized distributor, will then be distributed to stores seluller.

The difference with other mobile products such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and others are the main uses to make calls / telephone and SMS, although progress is equipped with features music, office, and e-mail. In contrast to the primary function of which is the BlackBerry handheld devoted to e-mail, wrapped with a feature phone, SMS, and multimedia standards. The difference of this function should be the basic handheld that we need, not just prestige, glamor and trends. If your need is an e-mail that is up to date and real time, it is only logical you are using a BlackBerry.

Tips and Tricks Buy Smartphone BlackBerry  

Before you buy you should do the following:

If you buy a new handheld with distributors warranty, we recommend you choose a distributor who has:

  • Aftersales service or sales if someday you will sell or swap with other types
  • Guarantee that in the event of a PIN suspend or hardware malfunction or returns can be exchanged with a new handheld in accordance with the provisions of the warranty time
  • Service center, if one day your handheld damaged

Once you choose and liking, directly open Box / Cartons when you buy then do check the condition of the body handhelds, and completeness of its contents, in general there are:

  • Leather Pouch, Handsfree,
  • 3 head Charger, Data Cable,
  • Warranty card,
  • Handbook,
  • battery

Once you feel complete, do not feel happy with the first item you just bought. If possible, when you buy do also check and match the PIN / IMEI by:

  1. See IMEI space battery, adjust the IMEI is printed on the box and warranty card, if appropriate
  2. Put the card is already active simcard bus services, for checking BIS and PIN
  3. Remember PIN printed on the back of the handheld, insert the battery, wait until lit, see if gprs in uppercase GPRS or EDGE edge in capital letters, if yes Safe BIS status, if not, the blackberry starting immediately, and ask for change
  4. If it appears EDGE or GPRS press alt + left shift + H, check whether you remember the PIN as it is in the battery, if equal, go to Status
  5. Press the menu button with a picture of the Blackberry logo, select options> status, type with a keypad, B-U-Y-R, will appear in the info screen Voice and Data Usage. Make sure both are zero, if there is a logo ATNT handheld Voice usage typically been used 4-6 minutes for unlocking needs. if both are written Exceeded ...... minutes / Exceeded ...... k, has been ascertained that the second item or reconditioning,
  6. Next to the SIM Card Go to options> advanced options> SIMCard> type MEPD, if the handheld unlocked, make sure all of the options listed is DISABLED
  7. Check the keypad buttons function all
  8. Try doing a phone and ask colleagues / relatives to call back, hands and try sending a test sms, then test the charger, make sure the battery when in charge responds.

Tips and Tricks Buy Smartphone BlackBerry 

Buying a used BlackBerry needs more accuracy, it is not like buying a used mobile phone other. Do not be fooled. There are a few things you should consider.

Many who use the Blackberry finally could not access the service at all because the PIN was suspended (rejected) because it is not thorough in checking the product specification, or previous use of different types of service provider (PIN has not been released). The easiest way of doing a check against Blackberry for sale is by doing WIPE BlackBerry alias manually reset the device to existing data can be lost. Before you do ask the seller to do the backup data to be restored so again if you do not buy it. WIPE is a way to enter the menu options> security options> general settings> Press the BlackBerry logo next to the green phone image> select wipe handheld menu> Typing BlackBerry writing. WIPE process was running.

If the wipe is complete, then enter your SIM card that can access the BlackBerry service. See the logo writing on gprs / edge / 3g on the right side of your phone screen. When writing letters is still small, most likely suspended mobile PIN. If a child trying to enter the menu options> advanced options> host routing table> press the BlackBerry symbol> select menu register now. if you have two ways to do this and still smaller letters, it is probable suspension on personnel identification number / PIN is still going on so that the BlackBerry former can only be used for calls and SMS.

Next check the IT policy to make way into the menu options> security options> firewall. If it says enabled with the logo of a red padlock next to it, then the former BlackBerry users affected by the policy from the internet before.

Hopefully the above tips can help you to be more careful in buying so as not to be disappointed later

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