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Tips to Use Mobile Battery and Charger

Charger as we already know and use every day to recharge the HP battery. Here are some practical tips on usage:

 Tips to Use Mobile Battery and Charger
  • Battery type Ni-Cad, Ni-MH (rarely used): should the current battery charge condition of the battery is running low. This is to prevent the "memory effect" which resulted in a quick drop battery.
  • Battery type Li-Ion, Li-Poly battery charge can be done at any time (no need to wait for the battery is low). Battery life is actually determined by the type of how many times the battery charged. So more often charged then the shorter the age / battery life.
  • Periodically clean the battery with the help of pins bud swab and alcohol. Because if the pin is dirty because of dust / battery leak may result in difficult hp hp on or die-off.
  • We recommend using the battery & charger original / native of vendor HP. When forced to replace it, note the similarity between the technical specifications of the original battery and charger replacement. Specs can be seen on battery or charger label. For example: voltage (V) input, output voltage, output current (mA) it (the charger).
  • Immediately off the charger when the battery is full. Some vendors HP, has completed Hp & charger with circuit protector so that when the battery is full, the charging process will be stopped automatically.
  • When using a car charger should not be too often because of a car wearing power source batteries. It is likely the result of a full battery charge in a state of apparent charge. Should be done by phone charge connected to the PLN because of the resulting flow batteries and different PLN.
  • We do not try to roll up the charger cable in a bent position as this will damage the cable / connector.
  • Clean the connector regularly Hp charger and connector system so that the charging process is running optimally.

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