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4 Symptoms and Causes of Heart Attack

In a normal person, do not have a history of heart disease, during sleep, blood pressure and heart rate will generally be heard regularly and more relaxed. However, unlike the case when you are having a heart attack disease, palpitation will be faster and irregular. Heart attack while in a sleeping condition can happen to anyone, not just those who have a history of heart disease. Of the few cases recorded, those who experience sudden cardiac arrest are people who are sleeping very soundly all. A heart attack is said to bring death. When you feel the symptoms and causes of this heart attack, consult your heart's health condition to the hospital.

4 Symptoms and Causes of Heart Attack

The following 4 symptoms and causes heart attacks while sleeping that you must know :
1. Rapid heart rate and irregular
When you wake up with a regular heart beat fast and irregularly, could be a sign that accurate if you're having a heart attack or even coronary heart disease, where the disease is a serious disease because it can lead to heart failure. Num you experience symptoms of rapid heart rate and more irregular than 5 minutes duration, seek immediate help.

2. Sleep disorders
If you often find it difficult to sleep soundly and easily feel uneasy, this is a symptom and cause of a heart attack you approach the center, especially if backed up with facts if you are always feeling tired when the days ahead. Therefore, always keep a healthy body by eating more healthy foods instead of consuming fast food and rutinlah to exercise.

3. Cold sweat by nightfall
You accidentally wake up at night with a full body cold sweat, even though the air temperature was warm and not raining outside. This symptom is a sign of a heart attack, because when you wake up, your body will release into the bloodstream biochemistry. Sweaty body condition may not symptoms of serious illness if there is one or two times, but if it continues to happen every day, you should be wary and introspective.

4. Chest pain and body aches
Chest pain is a symptom and a cause of heart attacks are most easily detected from myocardial infarction, although it still is not the most common symptom. Shortness of breath, chest pain, and unbearable pain can happen when you're asleep or after waking. Chest pain on a small scale is the most dangerous, because many people often underestimate the symptoms. Heart attack patients admitted if they often feel pain or discomfort, especially on the arms, stomach, back and neck, but these symptoms usually only come in a moment, but when it occurs in long enough intensity immediately consult your doctor and heart specialist in internal medicine .

4 Symptoms and Causes of Heart Attack    

Hopefully the above 4 Symptoms and causes heart attacks companions can avoid heart attacks. See also Symptoms, Causes and Signs People Affected by Mers Virus

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