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5 Benefits of Vitamin C for Beauty

Vitamins are one of the body's needs are not produced in your body. Vitamins should you consume, because it can help maintain a healthy immune system as well as enhancer. There are many kinds of vitamins ranging from vitamins A, B, C, D, as well as other complex vitamins. All of them have the advantages of each.

This time we will be discussing one of the benefits of the most readily available vitamins are vitamin C. Vitamin C has many benefits especially those for beauty.

5 Benefits of Vitamin C for Beauty

Here are the benefits of vitamin C for your beauty :
1. Healthy Hair
Hair is one part tubuhnyang very easily damaged. By using products with vitamin C it will help keep the hair from damage.
Besides the hair will be healthy and strong while you are eating lots of vitamin C.

2. Makes you looks energetic
Iron serves as a refreshing and energizing the body. Iron deficiency will make you seem lethargic and gives the impression that not pretty.
Vitamin C is very good that you are taking your iron intake is also maintained.

3. Helps nail growth
Vitamin C supports the growth of the nail and make it stronger. nail growth for some people it may not be important, but it could have become a necessity for those of you who want to perform with long nails.

4. Prevent hangnail  

In addition to strengthening and give a good effect for nail growth, vitamin C is also good for those who have a hangnail.

5. Preventing the signs of aging

Beauty will fade when the signs of aging come over to you, such as wrinkles, dry skin and plek. Vitamin C intake can give you can maintain a beautiful face and smooth with no signs of aging

5 Benefits of Vitamin C for Beauty

Thank you for reading 5 important benefits of vitamin C for health and beauty. Hopefully the above article you will always meet your vitamin C needs. See also 10 Ways to Eliminate Acne with Vegetables and Fruits

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