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Healthy Food is Nutritionally Balanced Menu

Healthy food menu should be consumed by every person who naturally crave healthy life. For the healthy foods that we are familiar with the term typically 4 healthy 5 perfect blaze has been since 1950 and as Prof. originators

Healthy Food is Nutritionally Balanced Menu
Composition of diet 4 healthy 5 perfect :
    • Basic foods, foods that the body needs for energy body. Food contains energy source of the body is rich in carbohydrates such as rice, maize, wheat, potatoes, oats, and tubers.
    • Side Dishes, food as a companion that serves as a staple food source for the body builder substances. The food side dishes often contain proteins such as eggs, meat, fish, tofu and tempeh.
    • Vegetables, Vegetables are very good for both days of the growth of the body's health and development and also in order to keep the immune system is always maintained his health. Good vegetable is green with vitamins, fiber and vegetable protein. Among the vegetables are widely used because many benefits are spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant and other green vegetables.
    • Fruits, Fruit in general is a food rich in vitamins and minerals with a high water content is also a good fiber for digestive health and almost all fruits role in the health of the body and keeping it in good shape.
    • Milk, It is a healthy food supplement 4 mentioned above as a complement to complement the body's health.
      Healthy Food is Nutritionally Balanced Menu

      Healthy food should be consumed by the nutritional value of food composition containing the type of nutrients that corresponds to the amount needed by the body. Usually the principle of the diversity of healthy nutritious foods in the diet is balanced variations of physical activity, maintain a healthy weight and a proportional or ideal. Healthy food covers various needs of the body, whether it is food for the growth of food and development as well as to educate the brain and various body needs every day

       Healthy Food is Nutritionally Balanced Menu

      In Indonesia, the existence of the principle of balanced nutrition is presented in the form of "Cone Balanced Nutrition" which is used to assist and facilitate in choosing a diet with the right kind and amount of custom-tailored according to age as infants, toddlers, adolescents, adults and the elderly and also adapted to the state of one's health such as being pregnant, breastfeeding, physical activity, illness or other circumstances.

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