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How to Cure Eye Minus

Eyes are organs that are essential for every human being, because the eyes of the world we can see the beautiful and colorful, even with our eyes could perform daily activities well, we can not imagine how difficult it is if we lose both our eyes, the world was plunged into darkness accompanies our lives.

How to Cure Eye Minus

But this time we will discuss about how to cure eye minus that experienced by each of us, all of it happens without us knowing and we could also have a bad habit or because of other things so that our eyes to minus, although that has not minus eyes is a big problem because it is now widely available to overcome eye glasses minus. but surely it would be better if our eyes remain in good condition and healthy.

Some of the causes that lead to minus eye:
  • Genetic or hereditary factors although not the primary cause but little can lead a person to get a lot of eye minus.
  • Lack of nutritious natural foods such as vegetables and fruits and other healthy foods.
  • The habit of doing things that can trigger eye minus as reading while lying down, reading in dim, reading too close and other things.
  • Often staring at computer and television screens are too close and too long without any focus to rest my eyes for a moment.
  • Lack of exercise so that blood circulation to the eyes become distracted especially who work too long at the computer can make your eyes tired and tense due to radiation from the computer screen.
  • According to research too often consume foods that contain lots of sugar can also affect the health of your eyes.
How to Cure Eye Minus

    Some tips to prevent eye minus:
    • Avoid reading while lying down, because the distance view into changing make the eyes become tired and unfocused.
    • Avoid reading in dim or dim, you should make it a habit to read in bright light so that the eye be comfortable when reading for a long time.
    • Avoid focusing too long staring at a computer screen, preferably every 2 hours once looking away from the computer screen to close my eyes for a few minutes or look at the green scenery outdoors.
    • Take a short distance when you are using the computer, watching television or reading a book, try not to get too close.
    • Use a computer or screen protector anti-radiation filter to reduce the radiation beam emanating from a computer screen directly into your eyes. 
    • Get plenty of natural foods such as fruits and vegetables.
    Some tips to reduce eye minus:
    • Train your eyes to see the sights with a long range without the use of glasses for example in coastal scenery, mountains, hills, or in the vast stretch of paddy.
    • Train your eyes to see the object as it is moving on the highway, for example, focus on a particular object moving car noticed his movements carefully.
    • Deliver your glasses if deemed not necessary that if you still can see clearly even though you do not wear glasses.
    • If you frequently use the computer choose the low radiation computer screen as the LCD (liquid crystal display) and do not focus looking at a computer screen for too long, try every half an hour once you switch the view in the other direction while.
    • Use goggles or helmet cover when you are riding a motorcycle on the highway to avoid your eyes from dust, use eye drops to clean your eyes from dirt or dust.
    • Perform wax treatment for your eyes, by staring at a lit candle without blinking until your tears come out, do this therapy on a regular basis every day, wax therapy is believed to help reduce the level of minus your eyes.
    • Perform therapeutic betel leaf, betel leaves, washed clean stick in your eyes when you sleep, therapy betel leaf is also believed to reduce eye minus naturally
    How to Cure Eye Minus
      That article about How to cure eye minus which is very useful for each of us so that we can know the cause and how to prevent eye or minus the myopic eye. See also 4 Symptoms and Causes of Heart Attack

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