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Symptoms and Causes of Disease and The Risk of Stroke

It is important for you all to know early on about the start of stroke symptoms, causes and effective early prevention. Sroke is an attack that occurs in the brain due to the sudden emergence of a clogged or rupture of blood vessels of the brain. In other words, the stroke is a vascular disease of the brain (cerebrovascular) is characterized by the death of brain tissue (infarkserebral). It is triggered by a blockage or narrowing and rupture of blood vessels leading to the brain so that supply blood and oxygen to the brain and cause a shortage series of biochemical reactions that can be destructive and deadly nerve cells of the brain.

Symptoms and Causes of Disease and The Risk of Stroke
It is the cause of stroke In general there are two factors that lead to stroke, these factors include:

  • Medical Risk Factors, stroke causes more severe in the presence of hypertension or high blood pressure, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, heart problems, diabetes, family history of stroke or hereditary factors and migraine or headaches. According to statistics produced by the experts, the main trigger stroke is hypertension and arteriosclerosis.
  • Behavioral Risk Factors and habits, caused by lifestyle and diet is less healthy individuals, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and carbonated and fond of eating fast food or junk food. Other behavioral risk factors, namely the lack of movement or exercise activity and obesity. One of the other triggers that we often encounter is uncomfortable mood as often angry without any obvious cause.

Disease Symptoms of Stroke
At the initial stage, everyone is required to obtain knowledge and information about stroke and reassure them that stroke is a brain attack which simply has five main symptoms that should be known and understood. So everyone will understand and be vigilant about the dangers of this disease stroke.

The main symptoms of stroke:

  • Sudden numbness or death or loss of taste and weakness in the hands, feet, face, especially on the part of the body.
  • The sudden feeling confused making it difficult to speak and it is difficult to understand a thing.
  • One or both eyes suddenly seemed vague
  • Sudden loss of balance and difficulty walking and stumbling
  • Sudden dizziness and headache without any apparent reason

The signs that follow the above symptoms earlier include:

  • Nausea and vomiting followed by heat.
  • Sudden fainting and loss of consciousness.
Symptoms and Causes of Disease and The Risk of Stroke

To avoid this stroke each person should accustom themselves to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 steps to prevent and avoid the threat of stroke that can attack you at any time.
1. Stop and Avoid smoking habits, of smoking habits can lead to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and will make your blood clot becomes easy. Therefore, immediately quit the habit of smoking to make your body healthy and long life always.

2. Consult a routine blood pressure, High blood pressure can make your blood vessels undergo extra pressure. Although no symptoms, always check blood pressure regularly. This is to find out how your blood pressure, if blood pressure is not normal, there will be early prevention of disease threats not lead to a stroke.

3. Control of heart disease, if you have a disorder or symptoms of heart disease such as high cholesterol and irregular heartbeat, be careful because it will increase the risk of stroke. Ask your doctor's advice for the best move. Consumption of foods that do not contain a lot of cholesterol.

4. Overcome and control stress and depression, stress and depression can disrupt even the physical casualties. If not resolved, these two things could cause long-term problems. Avoid thinking that you should not think about. Different causes of stroke for most people these days due to the stress and too much thinking.

5. Eat healthy, Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day on a regular basis. Avoid eating too much red meat because the resulting saturated fat red meat can make your blood vessels to harden. high fiber foods will be able to control your blood fats.

6. Reduce salt, Eating foods that have a high salt content will increase your blood pressure or hypertension, hypertension largest cause of disease threats also to the risk of stroke.
7. Monitor your weight, Having a body that is too fat or obese will increase your risk for hypertension or high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, all of which can lead to stroke. Adjust your diet in a controlled and orderly.

8. Exercising and active, Doing regular physical activity such as sports and so will easily help you to lower blood pressure and create a healthy balance of fats in the blood throughout your body.

9. Reduce Alcohol, Drinking alcohol can raise blood pressure, and played it down or even to stop consuming alcohol is to keep you from high blood pressure can lead to stroke causes.

10. Seeking Information, By following the development of health information, a lot of knowledge and acquired important thing in order to avoid the possibility of stroke. You have to be careful about a variety of hormones, including pills and hormone replacement therapy HRT is frequently and commonly offered by information providers, for allegedly can make the blood becomes thick and tends to clot easily

Symptoms and Causes of Disease and The Risk of Stroke

By recognizing the symptoms and causes of disease and the risk of stroke, we are all expected to be more vigilant and careful to always maintain a healthy body well. May be useful.See also Functions and Benefits Mineral Water

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