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Symptoms, Causes and Signs People Affected by Mers Virus

Mers disease is disease caused by a virus that is very prevalent in 2014 once mainly because there are some cases of the disease which resulted in death of the sufferer, so that the need to know more mers CoV Virus Disease Symptoms Causes and characteristics or signs Mers.

Symptoms, Causes and Signs People Affected by Mers Virus 

Middle Eastern abbreviated Mers Respiratory Syndrome is a disease caused by a virus CoV stands for Corona Virus. Mers CoV disease so described Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus Viruses are a major cause of Mers is a virus in the coronavirus group characteristics of the virus body surface covered with a crown-like structure.

Mers CoV virus is a newly identified coronavirus beta for the first time in 2012 in Saudi Arabia. Mers name CoV also called novelcoronavirus or abbreviated name "nCoV". Mers virus different from the coronavirus that has been found previously that causes SARS in 2002-2003, at which time a group of diseases caused by viruses are very dangerous coronavirus, which was recorded in 2002-2003 that had plagued from 8273 turns 775 cases who died.  

Symptoms, Causes and Signs People Affected by Mers Virus 

Because Mers CoV disease is very dangerous consequences then it is worth to know more. Mers for the current virus has become a sensational news because many people who have been infected and suffering from this deadly disease, for it is better identify the viral diseases mers. Naming Mers-CoV coronavirus study group was decided by an international committee on taxonomy of viruses precisely in May 2013, from the name novelcorovirus (2012) into a MERS-CoV (2013).

Know Mers Disease Virus
  • The virus is very deadly disease mers, 30% of those infected died -50%
  • Causes of Disease Virus Transmission mers generally in contact with the victim prior to the close range and requires a long time.
  • Mers is a danger for Disease Virus is still not found a cure, treatment is still limited to the treatment given to victims to alleviate the symptoms of virus diseases arising mers.
Originally Disease Virus Mers unknown origin, but is expected to come from a camel but after investigation it turns out most of the victims had no contact with the camel. More and more diseases have not found a cure,
some time ago had caused panic in many parts of the world, and is currently with the feared virus disease mers.

Symptoms for most of the Mers CoV infected develops severe respiratory to dutch with fever, cough and short breath.

Signs or characteristics of Virus Diseases Mers

  • Disordered breathing (shortness of breath and difficulty breathing)
  • High fever over 38 degrees Celsius, not the usual heat
  • Coughing and sneezing sustainable
  • Chest pain and pain often
When the virus mers then be treated by an expert physician to prevent the development of viral mers damage the body of the sufferer. A possibility that the patient will need to be skinny to gain weight with nutritious healthy diet also further treatment with antivirals to reduce the symptoms and the spread of dangerous viruses.  

Symptoms, Causes and Signs People Affected by Mers Virus 

While this is to Avoiding Viruses mers avoid direct contact with patients and also trying to implement a healthy lifestyle by keeping the body's own self and the environment. Maintain hygiene by washing hands could at any time with antiseptic soap and bath were clean, quick check to the doctor if the pain is continuous pain with symptoms such as fever, coughing, and hard to breathe. 

Hopefully by knowing this information can be useful to be able to study from now to be more vigilant and maintain personal hygiene and the environment, if there are experiencing symptoms such as those described above are identical to the symptoms of the virus mers should immediately visit a doctor to check the disease. 

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