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How to Care Printer

How to care for the correct printer is essential to keeping it durable and can be used in a longer time. How to care for one printer that will cause some of the components wear down more quickly than it should. That's why there are some things that must be considered in the care of the printer that can still function properly as a printer of documents that are needed by the computer user.

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Consider a few tips on how to care for printer so that the printer yours is not easily damaged and can be used as normal:
  • Use the printer on a regular basis
     Not to let the printer is not used for printing in a long time. We recommend using a printer to print documents at least 2-3 sheets every day or every 2 days. How to care for a printer like this is important to prevent the ink from drying in the print head. Use all the colors (black, red, blue, and yellow) to make sure all of the print head to work.
  • Immediately refill
     When the cartridge is empty then do not let too long and soon fill it so that no residual ink mengerin and gag.
  • Do not touch the pins of CMOS
     When will fill and remove the ink cartridge, be careful not to touch the pin CMOS which is usually given in the form of a fist sign of marked cross. Pin CMOS can be damaged if touched by hand because it is exposed to static electricity from the body.
  • The use of brand ink
     How to take care of is to make sure the next printer ink wear the same brand every recharge. If forced to fill it with ink with the other brands it before you have to make sure that the ink in the cartridge has been completely exhausted.
  • The use of paper
     When using paper to print, use paper that is clean and not shabby or worn. How to care for this printer to avoid paper jam or paper jam on existing roller in the printer. Dusty paper will also make the print head dirty quickly.
  • Printer infusion
     For a printer that has been modified using a drip system should place the cartridge aligned with the position of the printer. How to maintain the printer is intended that the ink does not always flow into the cartridge when not in use.

Similarly, a few simple tips on how to care for the correct printer so durable that can be used to print the documents you need to par and in a longer time. See also
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