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How to Care for CD-Rom so Durable and not Easily Damaged

Every computer or laptop usually comes with a cd / dvd rom that works to read the files found in a piece cd. Despite the current existence of cd and dvd has started by flashdisk existence, but still many people who use the cd as a storage media favorite because of various things

How to Care for CD-Rom so Durable and not Easily Damaged

For now the cd-rom was replaced with a cd-rw and what the difference is? Cd-rom can only read and write, whereas cd-rw can do is rewrite the data previously made. Why cd / dvd still a favorite? Because the cd / dvd can not burn with viral entry after entry previously burned files should also not contain a virus.

Back to the topic, here are some tips on how to care cd-rom to be preserved and not quickly broken :

  • When entering cd / dvd into the cd / dvd drive make sure its position is just right and not fumble. It is intended that eventually the cd / dvd that you can enter preserved.
  • Make sure the cd / dvd you entered is not in dirty conditions because it can damage the optics in the cd / dvd drive. Clean the cd / dvd you with a clean tissue or cloth, or if there is a wipe with special cleaning.
  • Turn off autorun. If this feature is turned on, then there is every puck cd / dvd that entry will automatically run without the need to be executed.
  • Make sure your surroundings are always clean your computer, especially on the cd / dvd drive. The rooms were dirty and dusty can affect the readings of the optical drive is very sensitive.
  • Do not remove the cd / dvd is currently being used.
Hopefully some tips on How to Care CD-Rom so Durable and Not Easily Damaged to be useful for you. Make sure a few quick tips above applied to make the dvd drive is always in good condition and ready for use. See also Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Computer

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