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Tips on How to Improve Optical DVD / CD ROM is Corrupt

This post is special for the bloggers who are in trouble with a DVD Room that can not read the disc anymore. All the info for another friend's friend too, which do not know I could be useful. Here are tips on fixing a CD / DVD Room

Tips on How to Improve Optical DVD / CD ROM is Corrupt

1. Casing Open CD ROM
Open the case the CD ROM is easy. For this example I used a Sony CD ROM. Casing structure and how to open the case may be different from the CD ROM.
First remove the tray for ease of opening the case. When the CD ROM was already removed from power, use a paper clip to press the tray opening mechanism:

When the tray has been pushed out, gently pull out the tray until full:
Remove the front panel by sliding the panel retaining clip. Loosen 4 bolts at the bottom of the casing and lift the lid down. It would appear the bottom of the CD ROM as below:

2. Removing the Circuit Board CD ROM
As seen in the last picture above, there is a circuit board that covers the mechanism of the CD ROM.

On the left there is a circuit of plastic clips that hold the circuit board in place. Spread apart the clips and lift the circuit board to the left.
On the right side there is a circuit connector stuck to the CD ROM mechanism (flexible). Remove carefully and now to the right of the circuit can be removed.

Now the entire circuit board can be reversed. Still looks more flexible one still stuck on the circuit board. Flexible in the middle section is the main data communication CD ROM. Carefully disconnect the flexible. Loosen the flexible retaining clip on the right and left connectors by sliding it up:

Having been apart flexible, should now been seen CD ROM mechanism and the optical assembly, the reader data by firing the laser to the CD:
 Note the closer. In the picture above I show there is a trimpot, which is a kind of potentiometer which functions as the active volume on your speakers:

3. SET Laser Gain
Well, the trimpot is-according to my observation-is as a regulator of the emitted laser power level, or the term Laser Gain. The trick is, the play is a little trimpot clockwise using any tools. Could with pliers or a screwdriver mini taper.

Play just a little and see if it is correct distorted trimpot.

4. Posting Again Everything
Restore all components of the CD ROM into place in reverse order of opening.

Now try to plug the CD-ROM into the computer and test the CD or DVD disc. If the CD / DVD ROM drive to read the disc properly, meaning the practice this time successfully.

So first of me and hopefully useful this Tips on How to Improve Optical DVD / CD ROM is Corrupt. See also How to Care for CD-Rom so Durable and not Easily Damaged

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