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How to Check the Damage Software on Smartphone

There are several options to repair the damage Software Tools, including:  Standalone software (without Box Repair) and Software as requiring Box Repair: Tornado UFS, JAF, Spiderman, etc..

The following review will use UFS-3 Tornado because it is widely used by technicians.

Note before checking the smartphone software to be checked must meet the following requirements :

  • Battery voltage should be in a state of full or at least there is at voltage 3.7 Volt (when Siemens Smartphone, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson type because for the voltage is not supplied directly by the UFS).
  • Not happen Short / short-circuit on the input voltage. When going short then smartphone should be repaired first in hardware.
  • Flash interface on the PWB must be clean. If it is dirty it can be cleaned prior to wear a little thinner brush and then dry.
  • After smartphone connected to Box UFS tornado, click on "Check" then smartphone should be detected, although it does not appear in the LCD smartphone writing test mode or local mode (especially Nokia).
  • When the "Check" failed, then the damage is still the possibility smartphone hardware.
The technique details of checking like this:
- Open the software UFS Tornado: DCTx (for Nokia S
- Connect smartphone to Box UFS tornado.
- Select the type of smartphone (in Product column) in accordance with the smartphone type that will be checked, as shown below:

  - Click the "Check" (in the top menu row Tornado UFS software). It should DCTx tools will display the "1st Boot Ok, WD2 / DCT4, UPP: 0 ......", this means that smartphone detected by the software. And can proceed with the next software repair damage such as Flashing.

But if the result of "Check" turns performing "error" then it can not be detected by DCTx damage tools and hardware so it may still be necessary to repair damage hardware such as re-solder / reblow / replace components.

May be the only one that I can convey about How to Check the Damage Software on Smartphone, and see alsoTips on Caring for a Smartphone Battery so Durable and Long Lasting. So hopefully useful.

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