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Natural Ways to Whiten and Smooth Skin

Natural white skin is the desire of many women. Because of the desire of many women use whitening products that offer instant white manner. In fact not whiten only but many product actually damage your skin.

Because the skin is white, should be obtained in a natural way. white to offering products that are usually much faster to use harmful chemicals

Natural Ways to Whiten and Smooth Skin

The natural way is a safe way for your escape being white. Because the use of natural materials will certainly effect is also very good.
Here are 5 Tips to Have to Get Smooth White Naturally :

1. The White Egg
White Eggs also contain substances that can make skin whiter. These substances are zeaxanthin and lutein. Both substances work maintaining the beauty of the skin by protecting our skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays that can make damaged skin cells. But not only that, the eggs will also help maintain skin firmnessmoisturize and make your skin softer.

2. Tomatoes
Tomatoes also work almost the same with eggs. The content of lycopene in tomatoes can protect skin cells from damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light directly. Consumption of adequate amounts of tomatoes each day will also make the skin firmer and more elastic because tomatoes also contain collagen which can stimulate the appearance of the skin cells. Collagen is what makes skin sagging is not easy.

3. Soya
The next meal ingredients that can make skin brighter is soya. Food is included in the legume family is rich in isoflavones which are often referred to as aglycone. Several studies on soy mention that the content can make skin brighter and wrinkle-free. 

Natural Ways to Whiten and Smooth Skin

4. Apples
If you want to always be beautiful and healthy skin, you should try to eat an apple. The content of antioxidants and quercetin in apples will protect skin damage such as blackened skin from exposure to direct sun exposure. Ultraviolet exposure may increase the risk of skin cancer as well. But it can be prevented by antioxidants in apples.

5. Fruits Strawberries

This fruit is favored when consumed as a juice. Many people who can not bear to eat it immediately because it is quite sour. According to beauty experts from Miami earlier, the content of vitamin C in a glass of strawberry juice is quite high, reaching 130%.

Vitamin C is needed by the body to secrete collagen fibers. Fiber is what makes our skin more supple, stable and increasingly soft. Vitamin C is also able to brighten the skin and if consumed in sufficient quantities to disguise the many lines that appear on our skin.

Well!!! After reading the article above, please put into practice and see the results. hopefully with Natural Ways to Whiten and Smooth Skin can give good properties for your skin. See also
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