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How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working, Error and Damaged

So today I will share computer tricks on How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working, Error and Damage. If you still do not know or confusion in terms of overcoming laptop keyboard keys are broken and can not be used. Please be listened to!

The keyboard is one of the most important device in a laptop. If there is a problem on the keyboard, then of course all the work to be done with the laptop will be abandoned. Laptop keyboard malfunction can be caused by several things, including dalah exposed to water, dust, and the keyboard is often located in a humid room with temperature.

However, there are some ways or steps that can be done to fix Laptop Keyboard is not working, in which case the repairs can be done by yourself without having to go technician if the damage is not caused by software or indeed damage the keyboard itself does tend to have very severe.

How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard Not Functioning 

In repairing laptop keyboard are not functioning properly, then the following are the steps that can You do to handle it.

1. Diagnosing the problem
When You press a button on a laptop keyboard of you, then make sure it does not move the laptop keyboard, if it is simply caused by a stuck keyboard? Or if the laptop actually respond to input via keyboard You guys do? In this case then make sure You press any button on the laptop of you.

  Make sure that from a few key presses, there will be a response from the laptop to one of the keyboard keys are You press it. If all the keys are not affected, then it is likely that the case is no damage to the software in the laptop of you.

2. Clean the buttons do not work
If damage occurs on the keyboard only certain keys, then take a cloth slightly moistened fiber, and try to clean the surface of the damaged keys. You can also open the keyboard keys are jammed due to locked by something, like dust and so forth, but in this case You have to be careful to avoid doing further damage to the keyboard keys to be You are correct.

3. Release the buttons are not working
Doing this can be done with the help of nail clippers and pull out the damaged keys. Use a small hook to pull slowly until the key really has been drawn out. Lift the plastic hinge that folds under the defective part, and do the cleaning carefully.

4. Clean the keyboard sensor with a dry cloth
The sensor is a small drive in the form of foil to form a line, a component or a key that has been erased. Be careful cleaning it, because the device is very sensitive, and has been damaged, it will require a very high price to buy a new device. Do cleansing with a gentle manner with a dry fiber cloth to remove any dust or crumbs or particles also interfere with the keyboard works fine. Do not clean with a wet cloth, because it would increase the risk of damage to the keyboard.

5. Replace button correctly
Replace the button that has been fit with a clean You as You open it earlier. Cover the button properly and not changed from its original position, when You open it.

6. Test Keyboard 

After the installation is completed, the next step is to test the keyboard You just wipe. When the test button is also not working, then try to restart the computer You, or enable system restore and this is done to ensure that the problem is not happening on the software.

If the above steps have You done, but there is no satisfactory results, then the next step You can do is further consultation on the issues that the laptop keyboar You're a natural handyman service to the nearest computer with You.

How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Do Not Work, Error and Damaged from sayadan if you still have a problem with a computer or laptop can contact me. May be useful. Thank you! See also
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