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How to Fix Self Restart Computer

At the time of this discussion about How to Fix Self Restart the computer, if your computer frequently restarts itself? do not be confused, because this time I will give some special tricks Self Restart Computer repair. possible for a layman if his computer will experience problems immediately taken to a handyman service and costs are very expensive sometimes. but you should not just learn it yourself or you can be self-taught engineer reliable. enough to learn and a strong will. we just discussed How to Fix Self Restart Computer:

To repair damage to the indicator Often Restart the computer continuously, we need to take action to make it easier to localize damage in the fix. Localize the action here is to localize the damage to hardware or software. With this action we will know and be able to ensure that the damage likely to occur in hardware or software. Localizing damage to simplify the process of repairing computer often restarts.

How to Fix Self Restart the computer
To localize the damage, whether the damage to the hardware (hardware) or software (software), please follow the following way.

1. Turn on the computer
2. When the computer started displaying a message on the monitor, press the button DEL/F2 (to get into the BIOS menu
3. Allow the BIOS menu screen a few minutes to prove that the computer still does not restart or (5 minutes).

After doing the above actions then we can infer a computer malfunction, and we've been able to localize the damage to both the computer hardware and software apda.

The results are summarized localization if the computer does not restart by itself for 5 minutes over the target then the damage can certainly occur in software (operating system). Whereas before 5 minutes if the computer has been restarted by itself it can be ascertained that damage or problems occur in hardware.

Step Completion When Computers restrat
1. If the damage to the system software should do the repair opereasi Operating System is installed, if it does not work as well in repair your Operating System (OS), the last step should reinstall the OS.
2. If damage to hardware then do repairs with trying to replace hardware replacement, such as replacing the existing memory with new memory, replace the power supply with a new power supply or stripped hardware installed as CD-ROM/DVD-ROM / CD-DVD-RW and so on.

That's How to Fix Self Restart Computer. hopefully this article useful. See also How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working, Error and Damaged

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