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How to Install RAM Memory True

Hello, this time I will explain how to install RAM memory is correct. But first we must know first the type of RAM itself. There are several types of memory with the memory slots on the motherboard are:
SIMM memory type, memory slot consists of 30 pins
SIMM memory type, memory slot consists of 72 pins
Memory type of SIMM EDO (Extended Data Out), consists of 72 memory slots DIMM type pinMemori
SDRAM (Sysrctronous Dynamic RAM), the memory slot consists of 168 pins >>> PC66 / 180/133
Memory DIMM type DDR (Double Data Rate) -SDRAM, consisting of 184 memory slots >>> pin PC2100 / 2700/3200 ==== 266/323/400
RDRAM RIMM Memory type, memory slot consists of 184 pins >>> PC600 / 700/800/1088
Memory type DDR II SDRAM DIMMs, the memory slot consists of 240 pins >>> PC4200 / 5300/5400/8500/1088 === 533/667/800 / ff
Memory type DDR III SDRAM DIMMs, the memory slot consists of 240 pins === >>> PC10600 1333

How to Install RAM Memory True  

In any kind of memory there is an arch. Arch on memory called notch. the term to distinguish the type of memory. Weaknesses and advantages of the DDR II and DDR III:
DDR II has a space narrower bandwidth than DDR III
DDR III has better data speeds than DDR II
The conclusion is DDR III modified into a wide bandwidth than DDR II so that the speed of the data has not been seen to be effective.

Discussion for DDR SDRAM
Because the majority of all of this has been put on the pc. But do not worry for those who wore the same SDRAM. For the sodim (laptop) is also the same if not wrong the difference lies with the angled installation. Some how to install memory correctly is:
1.1. Check whether two or more memory that you want to buy the same identical among others:
category = distinguish between a pc or laptop (sodimm)
type = select one DDR1, DDR2, DDR3
capacity = how many mb or Giga you need
1.2. Check also whether your motherboard slots load more of1 (already confirmed for the new versions available)
1.3. also check the pins on the motherboard memory in accordance with what is not (see above)
Time to plug the memory:
Spread apart the memory slots 1 key. Put your memory to the memory slots. Make sure the pin-pin memory slots parallel to the line memory. Press the memory correctly is not too rough vertical downward position
gently until it clicks

2. If you have a memory slot key to tighten the lift so that the memory is locked.
3. Finishes

How to Install RAM
RAM or Random Access Memory is the main memory of your computer. All programs running on the computer, first brought to the RAM and then executed. So, more RAM installed, the faster process speed. Here we explain how to install the RAM (which is just a few steps that must be followed), but also given the prerequisites that you need to be checked.

Checking Installation Requirements for RAM
Here is written how to install RAM on a desktop computer. So all the requirements that have been mentioned here are also in the same context. The first thing you need to know is that the RAM available on the market today is in multiples of 16 MB. That means that you will get a memory space of 64 MB RAM, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB​​, 1024 MB or 1 GB, 2 GB, etc. So, if you have 256 MB of RAM in your computer and want to upgrade it in 1000 MB minimum, then you will have to upgrade upto 1024 MB.  

Once, you decide how much RAM you want, you need to check the card type of RAM you need to buy. Types of memory cards are generally seen from the form factor. If you have a DIMM slot on your computer, you will need RAM that is compatible with it, whereas for RIMM slots, you will need RAM that meet these requirements. You also need to ensure that the existing RAM in your computer is SDR DDR RAM or RAM. Once you are done with these prerequisites, then you can skip to the next step on how to install RAM
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