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How to Fix the Printer Dead

Hello, this time I will share a tutorial to fix a printer that died, this was the moment to fix my printer. Printer death total that we will discuss here are:  
1. Printer death total, the power button was not functioning. In this discussion we take the example of Canon IP1990 Printer. 

2. Normal power cable. 

3. Power supply normal. 

How to Fix the Printer Dead

Now how to fix it is as follows:

  • Open the top of the printer casin. 
  • Take the printer mainboar.

  • Consider all the components on the mainboard, especially the IC, if there is a fire, the project failed, if the IC normally all the searching component with F code .... It is a component of the fuse. The main fuse has Fu1 code, see picture below. Check Fu1 with multitester, usually if the death total is broken then the fuse should be replaced fuse other premises that could be taken from another mainboard, do not need to be the same size. 

  •  Problem solved.

So first time discussion on How to Fix the Printer Dead and hopefully useful! See also 

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