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The Right Way Mobile Charge

Smartphone've not things that are foreign to us all. Moreover, the function of a cell phone is no longer just limited to voice communication and text message only. Many applications and the work can be done with smartphones, eg the Internet connection, email and run office applications. Along with the increasingly complex Smartphone functions, ability to save battery power becomes an important issue. Well durability Mobile battery can be determined how you are doing the right Mobile Charge.

The correct way of Mobile Charge
If we observe the various brands of mobile phones, the average mobile phone or smartphone has had a life time About a 4 to 5 hours if used intensely. This includes if you also activate data services via wireless or packet data service.

With the intense use of mobile phones a little longer then the time owned. With a battery life span of more and more mobile phones are short, of course, is not enough time to accompany its activity day.

Here are some tips on How to Charge Mobile is good and right so that the battery can be long-lived.
1. Charge Mobile Battery discharged Do not Wait Until the total
Many say way is to wait until the Mobile Charge Mobile Battery Out of the total. Opinions ways to wait to charge Mobile smartphone battery should be allowed to run out first before in-charge back, it is true, but it is only for batteries with nickel, which is now becoming obsolete, so the above advice is not relevant.

Smartphone-modern smartphones are now using lithium-ion batteries made​​, which means the treatment was also different from the nickel battery materials. Should be kept to a smartphone battery power stored in it remain in the top 50 percent or at least 20 percent. How to Charge Mobile Thus the truth for this time do not wait until the battery runs out.

Even so, the occasional battery also needs to be "drained" until exhausted, for example once a month for calibration purposes.

2. Ways Mobile Charge truth: Do not charged overnight
Charge Mobile with a way to let the night, can be done. This is usually because the night before bed all the activities have been stopped as the activity of the Mobile. But apparently the habit of letting the battery connected to the charger overnight while left to sleep also was not good. Although some of the charger can be cut off electrical current if the power has been filled to 100 percent, allowing the battery always be 100 per cent occupancy is also not good.

Charging the battery fully charged for a while until it many times even better for health than the battery is left in a state of zero percent or 100 percent on an ongoing basis.

Lithium batteries are also vulnerable if left unchecked often run out of battery power because it also has a component that can be used to destroy its own battery to prevent the battery does not explode. Although not happen every day, users are required to be vigilant.

3. Avoid hot Place In Charge Mobile
Mobile Charge way to heat a room or a place that is the incorrect way. Avoid smartphone from hot places, such as on the dashboard of the car under the windshield of a car, even though smartphones are switched off once. Therefore, exposure to heat can damage the battery. Lithium batteries are ideally stored in a temperature of 15 degrees celsius. Temperature extremes that can be handled is between minus 40 to 50 degrees celsius.

4. Ways to Charge Mobile Direct electrical socket
Ways to Connect Mobile Charge the battery with the charger through the power socket is the most recommended way. Although today introduced a method for wireless recharging the battery, the method also generates heat which is not good for the battery.

Method of connecting the charger to the power socket is also faster and safer when compared connect the smartphone to the computer or laptop using the USB data cable / charger.

Well of course you want your mobile battery is more durable than others. Because it is better if you pay attention to Charge Mobile right way, so that the battery last longer. Avoid some habitual way of mobile charge is not appropriate, to prevent damage to the battery faster. See also Tips on Caring for a Smartphone Battery so Durable and Long Lasting

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