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10 Ways to Eliminate Acne with Vegetables and Fruits

Acne and oily face is very disturbing, we are not able to perform with confidence. There are many products offered to treat acne oily, but as a conscientious person you should be good at seeing the products that can be used or not. Because I had a lot of oily acne removal products that have harmful side effects and other risks. But you do not need to worry because acne removal products is not the only way that can be used.

10 Ways to Eliminate Acne with Vegetables and Fruits

Here are 10 ways to get rid of acne with vegetables and fruits that you can try. Instead of having to spend so much money, it would be a good idea to try a more natural and efficient.

1. Tomato
Vegetable tomato is a natural remedy for stubborn acne. The content in it such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A and lycopene can contribute to bleaching and cleansing the face. Various preparations can be obtained from the fruit that is often found in the food, such as juice, or directly used as a mask on the face.

2. Aloe Vera
Many products use aloe vera as a face cleanser. That's because aloe vera is very useful for skin health. Gel contained in meat works as astrigen and antibacterial that can prevent and cure acne. Not only cure acne, aloe vera also known to treat hair loss and burns.

3. Lime
Lime that contains Vitamin C to exfoliate dead skin. Substances which serve to overcome and eliminate acne scars on lime fruit is alphahydroxy. Using lemon juice is a bit sore, but that's the beginning of a process for removal of dead skin cells reaction. The way it works is quite simple, water is poured over lime milking cotton then applied over the entire face. This method is very efficient and do not spend excessive money. To get the maximum results it is advisable to do it regularly.

4. Cucumber
Cucumber mask also become one of the many ways used to remove acne. Enough with cucumber blend until smooth and then use as a mask on the face, then wait until 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. The way it should be done before going to bed.

5. Melon
Consuming melon was able to overcome the acne on the face. Melon fruit contains vitamin A which is useful for skin health if consumed regularly. How to work in overcoming pimples can be made just as juice or mask.

10 Ways to Eliminate Acne with Vegetables and Fruits

6. Starfruit
Never heard one fruit that is believed to be capable enough to deal with acne? Well, it is star fruit .. Fruit wulu. This fruit contains flavonoids that can prevent acne on the face. Besides the most potent mixture used include wulu starfruit, lime and
sulfur. All three are very good mixture used in the prevention of acne prone skin. Enough to use it 2x a week, you will get a clear skin free from acne.

7. Wild Ginger
Ginger which is the base ingredient in the manufacture of herbal medicine turns out to be trusted to get rid of acne and obtain a tight skin. Therefore popping efficacious herbs that tighten the skin, it is because there is a mixture of the herbs ginger. In addition to skin care, ginger also hinder swelling of the liver function.

8. Carrots
The food becomes fodder for people who maintain healthy eyes are carrots, apparently in addition to eye health are also able to clean the skin of
recalcitrant acne.Vitamin A and beta-carotene contained in it helps prevent the recurrence of acne on the face, making the face appear clean and bright. Simply by using a method such as masks and is still being done on a regular basis.

9. Lemon
Lemon fruit is mostly found as a basis for the manufacture of beauty products is proven to eliminate acne is stubborn. Fruits are rich in vitamin C is a very important role in the importance of a removal of dead skin cells. Simply with a teaspoon and then mixed half spoons of honey, the mixture can be applied as a whole has been the face. Should be done when going to sleep.

10. Strawberries
Tiny fruit is also a lot like one of the fruits that can cope with acne. Just like other fruit, strawberries are used similarly to the way masks work. If you can add the honey and egg white if you want to get maximum results.

10 Ways to Eliminate Acne with Vegetables and Fruits

That's all 10 ways to remove acne with vegetables and fruit, a fairly simple way and do not need to spend a lot of money. So, who is experiencing problems due to acne simply to apply the 10th way. This is in order to obtain a smooth skin, bright and free of acne. No need to spend a lot of money by using beauty products, because you will be overshadowed by the side effects. Because not all the beauty products you use will fit on your skin. See also Symptoms Cause and Sign Mers Virus

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