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How to Maintain Eye Health

The eye is the sense of sight is very important function in this life, to the necessity of taking care of the eyes by applying how to maintain eye health with simple steps that eye health is maintained.

How to Maintain Eye Health

When used too much eye make eyes became unwell that can cause vision problems and effect can cause headaches and other body parts. Here I provide a way to keep eyes healthy :

  1. Avoid bad habits that can cause eye irritation, smoking and drinking alcohol can make the pupil of the eye becomes unstable and can certainly damage the health of the eye. In front of the television viewing habits and excessive computer can also cause eye unwell, so try to avoid this bad habit
  2. Sports eye perspective something distant last few seconds of view something close, the next step view of something that is above and below the eyes in addition to the right and left eyes relax after the break. Up next exercise can roll your eyes clockwise several times and then rest and do it again, but anti-clockwise and relax.
  3. Perform routine eye examinations and periodically in order to more accurately known eye condition, whether healthy or impaired as a minus or plus of course have to use glasses or seek advice from an eye doctor. Or if the eyes are already ill, the need to treat the eye in a way that is true and correct.
  4. Use eye protection such as goggles when activity during the day to avoid the gaze to the sun, and use glasses while driving or use a helmet eyes closed in order to avoid dust.
  5. Adequate breaks and drink water that fit the requirements of life, when lack of rest can cause the condition of the body including the eye will be less able to focus and even cause health problems in the eye.
  6. Consumption of healthy nutritious foods, especially fruits and vegetables are important for eye health such as carrots and tomatoes.
How to Maintain Eye Health

 By maintaining good eye health with it will be able to enjoy a healthy life more beautiful, because if the eye is not healthy then it certainly will ourselves regretting. For those of you who like to linger in front of the television or computer when you should rest your eyes are tired 

So first article on How to Maintain Eye Health and hopefully useful. See also Healthy Food is Nutritionally Balanced Menu

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